About us

Trade Mark “PICADOR” is a producer of leather and fur headgears. “PICADOR” is associated with courage, bravery so characteristic of real men.



The year when the company was born is 1994. The little family business became the enterprise including design-studio and production departments in Vinnitsa, Ukraine.

Nowadays our representatives are located in most parts of Ukraine and the nearest states: Russia and Belarus. Total area of our production spaces is 500 sq.m, our workers are more than 40 professionals.

Trade Mark “Picador” is based on hard work of our specialists, who learned and updated different processes of producing leather and fur headgear.

The manufacturing process is thoroughly tailored at our manufacture. We start the control of quality from procurement of materials. We use the skin that show itself to good advantage only, made by leading Italian, Turkish, Pakistani and Ukrainian tanneries. Also we give great consideration to selection and quality of accessories and applied materials. We use the robotizing design system that much improve draft accuracy and quicken the design process of one or another model.

Permanent dialogue and friendly relations with our clients let us take into account all wishes and criticism of the final customer, guess the direction of headgear fashion development, also find out what should be done while designing new models.

Up-to-date successful man doesn’t feel shy to be in vogue and wear the cap that accents one’s individuality.

We present the season leather and fur headgear collection two times a year in April and August and the most popular models of the latest seasons.

We’ll be very happy to find you among our friends. Let’s make people happy together!

Our team

We are proud of our team that is united with the idea of development, possibility of self-actualization, professionalism and friendship certainly.

Our company apprehend it’s staff not only as resources but as source of ideas, anxiety, knowledge, skills, demands. Occupational ambitions, new ideas and original solutions, implication every member of our team in common process is greeted and rewarded by leaders in an appropriate way.

Staff behaviour and work is adjusted by unwritten corporate norms. These norms are based on the openness, human dignity respect, occupational self-perfection and on the growth of competitive on labour-market.

We welcome in our company people who share the same view and who is possessed of the necessary occupational skills.